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A good place to start? Look no further than oneself.


At Reemtsma, we firmly believe that society as, a whole, simply must become more sustainable. As a responsible manufacturer of what are deemed "fast-moving" consumer goods, as an employer for roundabout 1,700 employees in Germany and as the second most important national company of Imperial Brands, we mean above all is: ourselves.
On a global scale, the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the Paris Agreement of 2015, with its aim of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, establish definitive and obligatory objectives for the international community to progress towards a more sustainable future. Fulfilling these targets necessitates a concerted effort among a wide array of stakeholders, encompassing both political and commercial spheres. It is for this reason that our company cannot, and will not, turn a blind eye to these issues.

As a central component of Imperial Brands, all sustainability measures by and at Reemtsma are guided by a clear objective: CO2 neutrality by 2040 at the latest, across all areas of our global business activities. Yes, this path is challenging. But there is simply no alternative. As a group, we are therefore moving forward unswervingly, with concrete measures, clear interim targets and publicly verifiable progress, year after year.

Our approach

We understand sustainability holistically, i.e., with a view to the ecological, economic, social and health dimensions of our actions.

As a manufacturer, a driving force in research and development, and a consumer of natural resources, we regard it as our duty to play a part in creating a more sustainable world – even exceeding the demands of regulation. This involves, firstly, enhancing our ecological impact across our worldwide supply chains and production, particularly at the Reemtsma plant in Langenhagen. Secondly, it entails maintaining responsible and socially-conscious relationships with our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

It is clear: our business and our achievements as entrepreneurs must be guided by a firm moral compass of values and sustainability.

This plan requires us to act responsibly, conducting our business with utmost consideration for the environment, other people, our adult consumers, and the segments of society directly impacted by our operations. This also involves continuously questioning and improving ourselves. Of course, there is still potential to be tapped everywhere – and that includes us, naturally.

That is why sustainability is a central strategic guideline for our joint entrepreneurial activities.

We have learnt from the past and are progressing towards becoming a part of the solution. We are commencing with diverse measures locally, at our sites and production facilities, as well as in our product design. In doing so, we adhere to the worldwide sustainability strategy of our parent company, Imperial Brands, and proactively contribute towards accomplishing our group's shared sustainability objectives in terms of tangibly lessening our environmental impact.