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Our Pro­ducts

As times evolve, so does our portfolio.


Premium tobacco products have always been Reemtsma's trademark. While they have formed the bedrock of our enduring success in the market, times change, and consequently, so do the preferences and requirements of adult consumers worldwide. That is why we have been working for many years on new and innovative products for alternative and potentially significantly less harmful consumption with or without tobacco and nicotine.

Together with our customers, we are also changing and actively shaping the path towards a much more diverse future of individual tobacco and nicotine consumption. This is quite evident in our product portfolio, which includes not only traditional tobacco products but also various alternative products with potentially significantly lower health consequences.

Learn more about the product categories in which we are active, here.

Classic tobacco products & smoking accessories

From cigarettes to fine-cut tobacco to cigarillos – since 1910, Reemtsma has stood for tobacco products of the uppermost quality. From cultivation to the final product: our expertise in tobacco extends to the smallest detail. Today, more than 1,700 different products are manufactured at the Reemtsma plant in Langenhagen near Hanover and exported to over 90 countries across the globe.

Reemtsma's brands in the classic tobacco segment are among the best known worldwide. Our key cigarette brands, JPS, Gauloises, West and Davidoff, all have a decades-long history and are often considered as icons in their respective fields. Nevertheless, they progress with the times and are still among the most sought-after brands in the German and international market. In addition, the Reemtsma portfolio grew with the Paramount brand at the end of 2022 with a successful fine-cut, and at the beginning of 2023, with a new cigarette brand in the low-price segment, as well.

Other well-known and still popular brands in our classic tobacco portfolio are: R1, Peter Stuyvesant, Ernte 23, Cabinet, Roth-Händle, Reval, R6, Duett, P&S and Gitanes.

Our range of smoking accessories also includes cigarette paper from the brands Rizla, Canuma, and Muskote, cigarette filters from the brand Efka, as well as filter tubes from the brands JPS, West, Paramount, and Columbus.

Novel & potentially risk-reduced products

Since 2018, Reemtsma has been successfully active in the German e-cigarette market with its e-cigarette myblu and is one of the leading suppliers of closed, reusable and rechargeable pod systems in the classic German retail sector. However, our e-cigarette expertise goes back much further. Within our Imperial Brands group of companies, Reemtsma has been active in the world's largest e-cigarette markets since 2009 with the blu brand. This means that we have experience that is almost as old as the category itself and make an important contribution to harm reduction with regard to tobacco smoke-related health effects.

In 2019, Reemtsma also became the first major manufacturer in the German tobacco market to enter the modern chewing tobacco sector with its own chewing tobacco brand skruf. Alongside tobacco-containing product variants, our expertise in this market segment now also includes tobacco-free nicotine pouches. They are the latest innovation of novel products that allow nicotine consumption without tobacco and smoke. Like modern chewing tobacco, tobacco-free nicotine pouches are placed under the upper lip and the nicotine is absorbed through the oral mucosa. After use, the pouch is removed from the mouth and disposed of. Since tobacco-free nicotine pouches neither contain nor burn tobacco and no inhalation is necessary. They are among the least harmful alternatives to conventional cigarettes for one's nicotine consumption.

Unfortunately, nicotine pouches are currently not marketable in Germany due to their unclear legal classification. Nevertheless, they are easily available from abroad via online trade. In the interest of effective consumer protection, we therefore advocate within the scope of our possibilities for an appropriate regulation of this novel product category within the German tobacco legislation. You can find out more about this on our Public Affairs website.