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Our Trans­for­ma­ti­on

A future with heritage


Globally, the tobacco industry is currently undergoing a period of transformation. Consumer patterns are noticeably shifting, with a marked decrease in smoking rates and a heightened consciousness among those who still partake. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for alternatives to traditional tobacco products and novel avenues for nicotine intake that hold promise for significantly mitigating personal health risks.

Even though the German tobacco market is continuously shrinking, there is currently nothing to suggest that it will abruptly cease to exist. However, there is much to suggest that the market is growing in breadth, offering adult consumers an increasingly wide choice in more and more categories. With or without tobacco. With or without smoke. With or without nicotine.

We expressly welcome this, even if it poses challenges for us. We accept them and take on the task. This is because we are convinced that the opportunities that come with this change are incomparably greater.
For this purpose, we are transforming ourselves together with the people who consume our products, with whom we trade, and who work with us.

The seed of transformation takes root in the mind, and at Reemtsma, our vision is steadfastly directed towards the future.

Reemtsma holds a robust second position in the comprehensive German tobacco market, and we maintain resolute allegiance to the principles that have fortified our success in the past. Hamburg is our home, but we are no longer solely a Hanseatic family business. Reemtsma has been part of Imperial Brands since 2002 and serves the group's second most important country market worldwide. We are a central part of an international network and an attractive, modern and diverse employer for roundabout 1,700 people with over 50 nationalities.

The purpose and vision of our Imperial Brands group of companies are the expression of our transformation. Their drivers are the group strategy and the behaviours with which we want to be successful individually, nationally, as well as internationally.

Reemtsma in transition: consumer-centric, collaborative, responsible, inclusive, future-oriented

Our transformation is clearly visible. This is reflected in our product range, with the introduction of innovative and potentially risk-reducing products. It is also evident in our new corporate headquarters in Hamburg, where we demonstrate a strong commitment to the "new work" concept and promoting cross-functional and collaborative work across departments. Furthermore, our transformation is encapsulated in our new corporate identity, which brings together the best of our past, present, and future.

We are not the market leader, neither in Germany nor worldwide. But we are challengers in many respects. We challenge ourselves to be better. We hold ourselves accountable to our adult consumers by continuously striving to provide them with superior choices. And we challenge the market to drive our entire industry forward with our own transformation.

Our joint vision is clear: We want to build a strong challenger business powered by responsibility, focus and choice.